Ezequiel Bubello

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Children and parents need to nap

Have the children take a nap is more than one way to regain strength also helps them internalize what they learn . Parents , we can benefit from healthy pleasure .

Especially in children under five years of age, the nap is a necessary element. Naps promote childhood physical and intellectual development of the child in addition to refuel and help calm and relax .

For parents it is recommended that a nap of no more than thirty minutes, to avoid waking moody and get the opposite result we wanted.

Naptime for children

Children usually sleep a year between 16 and 20 hours, and children up to three , reduced at 10 12 hours. If parents do not help these schedules are met , we can promote fatigue , anxiety or even behavioral disorders .

If children take nap, is scientifically proven to improve learning ability . The nap boosts the synthesis of information in the brain also helps regulate your sleep schedule and avoid child hyperactive states .

Parents and nap

For parents and adults , siesta helps us to disconnect, remove anxiety , relax and take a break from the day. A nap at home for no more than 30 minutes after eating , will help us face everyday . If we had , and awoke in the phase of deep sleep, we wake up sore and the effect of not being rested .